Supervisor Toni Tuklan

Cleantone Records GmbH is a German based international music label floated by group of friends, led by Toni Tuklan in 2009.
The label has since then, successfully made several cooperations and releases with Tuklan on various international chartbreaking projects and productions with great artists like Sean Paul, Ras Kimono, Beenie Man, Anthony B, Tito Jackson( Jackson Five 5 ), Ce'Cile, Edu Casanova, A-Class, Vito Lavita, Kat Deluna, DJ Tomekk, Rico Bernasconi (Ex - Master Blaster), Dr. Alban, Bonny M, DJ BO, DJs Frommars, DJ Mario C just to mention a few.
Cleantone records is key to many world class productions, remixes and subsequent releases of projects like: Ebony Eyes with worldstar Sean Paul , powerered by Hooky Recordings / Kontor Records Germany / Universal France, Magic Records Poland to mention a few.

More projects that has the cooperation touch from cleantone reacordsc are: - Danzare summerhit with Vito Lavita and Toni Tuklan powered by Producer Goar B. ( Warner Music Germany ) ; - Ilumina world cup hit 2014, Edu Casanova feat. Toni Tuklan & Ayi Jihu with Brasilian national player and FC Barcelona soccer Professional Dani Alvis Dani Alvis ; from German-Brasilian music label Millenium Pearl. - Hey Remix and Clubhit with Ce'Cile, One Time - Tuklan vs. Beenie Man featuring. Firetime an so on. To help artists develop there Talents and provide our artists with quality music capable of international chart entries Cleantone has built great partnership with various powerful indurstrial partners like, Doc B. Productions( Brasil ) Buggie Productions Jamaica, A|Class Music Productions, Hooky Recordings, Hoolproductions, Boogie Down Berlin Productions, Michael Zilas Productions, Sound Sample Web Gmbh & Arise Studios( Germany ), Starlight Music( Bulgaria ) and AYEESHA Music Group( Nigeria ). We have also quality public relation team behind our artists with Medialotse, impose( Germany ) and Showbiz Network ( Africa ). Currently Cleantone is steppping up more working cooperations with Tuklan, rising star singers like Jessy Benova( Bulgaria ), Maristela Müller, Kekedy( Brasil ). We intend to expand our artists roster in due cause.

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